Preparing your Files for Printing at RightBrain

1. You may need to crop your file to match the aspect ratio of the size you want to print at. For example if you are using a 35mm full-frame camera and want to make a 12x16 print you would need to use to use the crop tool in your image editor because the aspect ratio of 35mm is 3:2 and this would make a 12x18 print and not a 12x16 so part of the image needs to be cropped away by you.

2. You should set the dimensions of each image to match the size you want to print at

3. You should set the resolution to be 360ppi

4. The file must have an embedded ICC profile. This is usually either sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998.

5. The file should be 8-bit (we can print in 16 bit mode but we would need to be asked to do this).

6 The file should in RGB colour mode (not Greyscale, CMYK or Lab)

7. The file should be saved as TIFF or JPEG. As long as a high quality setting is used for the JPEG it should be fine for small to medium sizes. For very large prints or exhibitions then TIFF might be preferable as there would be no compression artifacts.

7. If you save as TIFF from Photoshop, the file should not contain any layers or alpha channels

8. We will apply output sharpening as required. If you want to apply print sharpening yourself then please let us that you have done this by prefixing the file name with 'print_sharpened...'

If you are having trouble sizing your files and preparing them for print, please contact us and we will try to walk you through the steps.